Coil Mattresses

Coil spring mattresses, also known as innerspring mattresses, are the traditional style mattresses that have been manufactured in a various styles that provide comfort and value. This type of support system consists of an innerspring area designed as a foundation for your spinal alignment and comfort layers that help you body feel relaxed and ready for a great night’s sleep. The Mattress Liquidation Store offers a complete selection of innerspring mattresses designed to provide a range of options in both value and comfort.

Continuous Coil vs Pocketed Coil Beds

The innerspring wire structure consists of two main types of coil configurations:

continuous coil innerspring

Continuous Coil Innerspring

Traditional Continuous Coils:  The most common innerspring designs are Open, Offset and continuous coils. Each of these patterns offer spinal support, weight distribution benefits, added sleep space and durability.

The Open design has an hourglass shaped coil.

The Offset coil has a square top or head with a cylindrical profile

A Continuous Innerspring has a row of coils made from a single wire.

All of these styles have a small wire spiral called a helical that surrounds and attaches to the coils. Because these coils are all inner-connected you will experience “transfer of motion”, meaning if one party gets in or out of bed the other party will feel the reverberation.  Also the quality of the coil mattress will depend on the number of coils it contains. The more coils the more support. If you are looking at a traditional coil mattress it is important that you match the body weight to the bed. The heavier you are the more support you will need in your mattress.

Individual Pocketed Coils

Individual Pocketed Coils

The Pocketed-Coil Advantage:  This design features cylindrical coils that are individually wrapped in separate cloth pockets. Each pocketed coil is detached from the others so movement of the coils next to it does not disturb the reset of the bed.   Because each coil moves independently a pocketed coil mattress conforms better to your body and does not reverberate movement across the mattress.  A pocketed coil mattress is generally considered a step up  from a traditional continuous coil mattress and also great for people who share their bed. The springs will support each person individually and provide proper support from head to toe. No matter your weight, heavy or light, the pocket spring will be able to adjust accordingly to suit your sleeping comfort.

The Comfort Layers: Mattresses are manufactured in layers, starting with the innerspring on the bottom to form the base of your mattress. Then layers of padding and/or foam is added to provide the comfort. Typically these comfort layers consist of three parts: the insulator, the middle upholstery and then the quilt.

Layers of Comfort

Layers of Comfort

The insulator separates the mattress core from the middle upholstery. It is usually made up of a fiber or mesh and is intended to keep the middle upholstery in place so it does not sag into the innerspring.  The middle upholstery us usually made up of materials which is designed to provide comfort to the sleeper, and includes flexible polyurethane foam and “egg-crate” foam, visco-elastic foam, latex foam, felt, and many variations of fiber including polyester, cotton, wool and non-woven materials.  The quilt is the top layer of the mattress and made of light foams or fibers stitched to the underside of the ticking. It provides a soft surface texture to the mattress and can be found in varying degrees of firmness.

Foam Encased Sides for Edge Support

Foam Encased Sides for Edge Support

Two Sided vs Foam Encased: In years past in was common for mattresses to be two-sided, which means that the comfort layers were on both sides of the innerspring.  This allowed you to flip and rotation your mattress on a regular basis for even wear and extended lifespan. As comfort materials and manufacturing techniques advanced the pillow-top style mattress became very popular, which was typically only made as a one-sided mattress.  The foam-encased feature was added for better edge support so when you sit on the edge of the bed the side does not collapse.  Generally speaking today you can get a two sided mattress, or a one-sided foam encased style mattress but not both together. Foam is costly and it is price prohibitive to offer both so they take the cost savings of the two sided comfort foam and add heavy foam sides all around the edge for added support.  Which one is better?  That s a matter of personal preference.  If you like the idea of being able to flip you mattress regularly then consider a two-sided mattress.  If you prefer better edge support when you sit on the side of the bed then a foam encased mattress is a better style for you.